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Vatican’s active commitment to promote responsible dialogue between faith and science for sustainable development and humanity

31 May 2015

Jose Ignacio Garcia The Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences are two Vatican institutions seeking to promote a responsible dialogue between faith and science. They do not express the official voice of the Church but their meetings are always a good indicator of the concerns of the Catholic Church....
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Communities and hope: Easter in Valladolid

15 May 2014
Communities and hope: Easter in Valladolid

José Ignacio García Returning to Las Cortas de Blas in Valladolid, Spain is always a joyful and pleasant experience and where we are welcomed in the house of Pady Miranda, a good friend. Pady’s house is located within the Torozos Mountains of Tierra de Campos in Castilla, now fully covered by a cereal crop....
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Catholic Church present at Rio

20 June 2012

Jose Ignacio Garcia Today the Catholic Church has an important presence in Rio+20.  It started in the morning with a side event organized by CIDSE , the umbrella organization of European Catholic development agencies.  Under the not very concrete title: Sustainable Intensification, Agroecology – Right to Food and Climate and after the opening words...
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Caritas Internationalis: We’re all hungry for justice, equity, ecological sustainability and joint responsibility

19 June 2012

Jose Ignacio Garcia This morning  Caritas Internationalis brought to Rio+20 a strong reflection about the possibilities of sustainable development through “solidarity economy,” the expression used by Benedict XVI as necessary openness to break the binary model of market-plus-State, “while economic forms based on solidarity, which find their natural home in civil society without being...
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First steps in Rio

18 June 2012

Pedro Walpole & Jose Ignacio Garcia As the opening ceremony of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, widely known as Rio+20, approaches, voices announcing its very limited outcome, even failure, grow in intensity and number.  The memory of what happened in Copenhagen at the UN Conference on Climate Change generates doubts even among the...
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Fukushima renews nuclear debate, questions anew our capacity to manage

18 April 2011

José Ignacio García A few months ago this editorial would sound too eccentric, radical and probably old fashioned for questioning the possibilities of nuclear energy as a serious alternative in the so called “energy mix.” That’s the combination of all sources that satisfy the energy needs of a country. After years of suspicion and...
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Global food prices soar, attract speculators

15 February 2011

José Ignacio Garcia The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced last 3 February that world food prices reached a record high last month, the highest since FAO started its global monthly tracking since 1990 through its Food Price Index. Obviously the situation is more worrying for least developed countries that need to resort...
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