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What does Rio+20 mean to me?

18 June 2012

Peter Henriot, SJ As I type this short note, I’m shivering in the “unseasonable” cold weather of early June here in Lilongwe, Malawi.  Winter isn’t supposed to come until July here!  And I’m recalling that the rains, so important for our maize crops, didn’t start as usual in late October last year, but only...
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Sustainability in a new Jesuit school in Malawi

14 June 2012
Estudiantes de quinto grado de Nuestra San Escuela primaria de Parroquia de Joseph Jesuit en Kasungu, Malawi visitan el área de la futura el colegio de secundarias Loyola. Foto de: LJSS

Peter Henriot, SJ Sustainability – in both its material and ethical dimensions – is especially concerned with the future.  And who should be more concerned about the future than the youth – the young women and men of today who are the hope of the future?  That is why education, in whatever form it...
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