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The value of sustainability reporting for business responsibility and accountability

14 May 2020

Mariel de Jesus For over 10 years now, companies in the Philippines have been exploring the practice of sustainability reporting. Though widely adopted in many countries, it is still very much a work in progress. While in many cases, government regulators and civil society are driving the effort to report, there is a growing...
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Re-connecting people to the environment to bridge the mind-behavior gap

15 January 2017

Mariel de Jesus In April 1993, Seventeen magazine  published an issue with the message “Save the Earth, girl!”  Seventeen was probably not the most comprehensive source of environmental information, but this was probably the single most influential magazine issue that I read that year. Environmental awareness was high in the early ‘90s.  The Rio...
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Can the sustainable development goals help transform the world by 2030?

31 August 2015

Mariel de Jesus In 2000, the global community took on the serious task of addressing the world’s most pressing development problems. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) laid out specific, time-bound objectives with the aim of improving the situation of the poorest of the poor. Now that the MDG period is officially ending, the question...
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Finding business solutions to social problems: Jesuit initiatives in social enterprise

30 September 2014

Mariel de Jesus Today’s problems need different strategies and Jesuits must apply new skills and techniques in order to respond more effectively. Beyond simply business skill however, there is a need for greater imagination to solve the challenges of today. In the same way business as usual needs to change, social ministries and apostolates...
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Lessons in post-disaster management

31 August 2014

Mariel de Jesus Surviving the typhoon is the initial ordeal for many people who live through climate-related disasters in the Philippines. Losing homes and livelihoods, survivors next face the challenge of restoring a sense of normalcy in their lives. After the initial outpouring of relief goods, people are often left to their own devices,...
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World water concerns go beyond meeting MDGs in 2015

30 June 2013

Mariel de Jesus Water issues will be the focus of much of the world’s attention with the forthcoming World Water Week  in Stockholm, Sweden from 1 to 6 September 2013. The challenges with water are becoming increasingly complex, and the strategies for coping will require more than science, technology, or policy solutions. Rather, it...
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Reconciling with Creation, Source Book

31 May 2013

Mariel de Jesus For more than 20 years, people in Asia have been involved from the local to the global level, in their concern and action for the environment. In the last three years, Jesuit people have been involved in a serious discourse and commitment to strengthen the relationship of faith and gratitude for...
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The business of water is for all

15 March 2013

Mariel de Jesus and Pedro Walpole We live in a world that is increasingly concerned with issues of security.  These may be issues of national security, community, family or personal security.  Resource security is also a concern, especially since the world’s population is dependent on natural resources – land, forests, and water – the...
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Scholastics in Cambodia and the Philippines “greening” their houses

30 September 2012
Scholastics in Cambodia and the Philippines “greening” their houses

Iris Legal and Mariel de Jesus Young Jesuits in Cambodia and the Philippines are initiating and practicing environmental management within their houses, seriously responding to the call of “getting their act together” so they can be more credible in engaging with broader environmental concerns in society. Prieb So, Cambodia Prieb So, translated as the...
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Ecological dimension of internal migration and displacement

31 August 2012

Mariel de Jesus In a conference hosted by Jesuit institutes and universities from the Philippines and Europe, four thematics were increasingly seen as the drivers of internal migration: livelihood, resource tenure, vulnerability to environmental risk, and conflict. Ecology is seen as a critical dimension and a cross-cutting issue in the discussion of migration and...
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