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New paths for environmental conversion in a world in crisis? Some elements for discernment

15 June 2020

Mauricio López Oropeza Ecojesuit shares this input by Mauricio López on 11 June 2020 for the Extended Council of Father General Arturo Sosa of the Society of Jesus on Universal Apostolic Preference No. 4 Reconciliation with Creation. Preamble: An apocalyptic hope In these days, just in a few months, life has changed drastically and...
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The germinal is in the marginal: Another world is possible

25 June 2012

Mauricio López Oropeza The philosopher Martin Buber wrote in his essay “I and Thou” that humanity is going through an extremely stressing moment, where it’s very difficult to find alternatives.  According to Buber, despite these times or perhaps because of them, humankind will find hope.  If Buber is right, then another world is actually...
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Is another world possible? The Center-Periphery perspective at the Rio+20 Summit

21 June 2012

Mauricio Lopez Oropeza Quite a number of big words and concepts, such as DIGNITY, RESLIENCE, EQUITY, and so on, have been heard in the RIO+20 Summit.  All of them clearly represent a reasonable standpoint, and we find them important and interesting.  In the Summit, we have even heard those words and concepts in the...
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