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Bringing about change through human development, religion, and the community’s hope

30 June 2017
Laudato Si’ is the core of many discussions during the 2017 World Church and Mission annual conference in Würzburg, Germany, and how care for our common home is integrated in development policies so that better policies lead to better projects. Photo credit: P Walpole

Pedro Walpole, SJ People living at the margins of the world share a hope that sustains their communities despite the complexities of today’s world, which generally exclude them and many others who are economically poor.  This hope is a powerful motivating force that often comes from a shared faith and enables marginalized communities to...
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Features of a sustainability science

31 March 2017
Photo credit: ESSC

Pedro Walpole, SJ Ecojesuit shares this article that was published in La Civiltà Cattolica , a magazine published continuously by the Jesuits in Rome since 1850 and originally available only in Italian.  For the first time, its 4000th edition is also in English, French, Spanish, and Korean, and was launched in January 2017.  Pope...
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A vision from the field: Climate challenges in developing countries

15 October 2016

Pedro Walpole, SJ I talk of things seen at present and of what societies in Asia Pacific are seeking and speak of four areas of change, all interconnected.  The objective is to identify key challenges and contribute to strengthening relations and systems by focusing on experiences and lessons learned. How is the world of...
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Stepping beyond Paris with hope in a better world

15 January 2016
Scolastiques et frères Jésuites réunis à Leyte, aux Philippines, après avoir visité les régions ravagées par Haiyan, engageant des conversations directement avec les communautés locales, les gouvernements locaux, et des groupes d’aide de l’Église, tout en apprenant à comprendre comment réagir en cas de catastrophe dans le cadre d’une écologie intégrante dans l’accompagnement des personnes vulnérables qui sont à la marge de la société. Crédit photo: Scholastic Harry Setianto Sunaryo, SJ

Pedro Walpole, SJ For 12 days of Christmas last month, around 30 Asian Jesuit scholastics moved around Leyte, Philippines to meet people pulling their lives together in a disaster landscape. They also learned about risk management, which is clearly part of the new life strategy at the margins. Haiyan, the perfect storm, rode for...
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Exploring possibilities to collaborate and network for disaster risk reduction

15 May 2014
Exploring possibilities to collaborate and network for disaster risk reduction

Pedro Walpole, SJ In a recent consultation to explore possibilities for collaboration and networking on disaster risk reduction (DRR) efforts, organized as a colloquium of the Society of Jesus Social Apostolate (SJSA), the reports from the various Jesuit institutions in the Philippine Province show a tremendous and impressive array of responses that allow us...
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Limits, limits, limits

31 March 2014
Limits, limits, limits

Pedro Walpole, SJ Limits, limits, limits in a world that is always growing; these are the challenges we face in having to balance our future and the future of others. The month of March is autumn for some, spring for others, and for billions more, it is the dry or wet season. Whatever the...
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Talking with Jim Profit

31 January 2014
Una Fe que ama la tierra (una foto del río Speed en Ontario, Canadá tomada por Jim Profit en Noviembre de 2012). Foto de:

Pedro Walpole, SJ There was a farm community at Guelph in Ontario, Canada run by lay people, the handicapped, and the Jesuits — an alternative expression in living until the turn of the millennium. The farm had a living history of Jesuits who lived there for novitiate and regency. A farm project was started...
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Collaborative response in disaster risk reduction

15 January 2014
Las viviendas en las zonas de manglar en la ciudad de Ormoc, Leyte, necesitan una revisión.  El manglar deshojado en el fondo plantea muchas preguntas acerca de la necesidad de una planificación seria sobre uso del suelo. Foto des: P. Walpole

Pedro Walpole, SJ As we enter the next phases of post-disaster response in relation to typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), we are called to ask ourselves what is the commitment and the quality of such commitment as we explore possible collaboration and contributions of Jesuit institutions in post-typhoon rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. The commitment may occur...
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A time and place for earthquakes

31 October 2013
“Colinas de chocolate” deformadas y fragmentadas en Bohol, Filipinas, tras el terremoto de magnitud 7,2. Foto de: Philippine Daily Inquirer, aerial photo by John Chua

Pedro Walpole, SJ As far as people are concerned, there is no right time or place for earthquakes, yet it is inevitable for major regions of the world. Haiti, with the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country in January 2010, is a mark in living memory that is a call of the human...
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Memory and mission, Gangjeong reflections

15 October 2013
La emergente estructura del puerto en la distancia está rompiendo la roca natural y la tradición de la pesca por las mujeres de la comunidad. Foto de: P Walpole

Pedro Walpole, SJ The following are excerpts from the reflections of Pedro Walpole, SJ upon his visit to Gangjeong Village, Jeju Island in South Korea last May 2013. The village is also the site of an ongoing protest against the construction of a naval base. Francis Mun-su Park, SJ, director of the Jesuit Research...
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