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Effect of rising seas on water levels: Records from Manila and Davao

14 June 2012
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Wendy Clavano, PhD (Third of three parts) The increasing volume of the world’s ocean has been observed using various measurements that include a global coverage of sea surface heights by satellite altimeters and relative sea level by tide gauges at various locations.  Although the long-term records show an increase in the global average, some...
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Sea-level rise in the Philippines: ENSO and monsoon influences

31 May 2012
El tifón Muifa y la tormenta tropical Nock-ten sopló en las Filipinas, agosto de 2011. Foto de: NOAA

(Second of three parts) Wendy Clavano, PhD As the Earth rotates around the sun and energy is moved from the equator poleward, the ocean-atmosphere system responds by creating currents in the ocean where in places are large enough to be essentially permanent.  As the trade winds blow westward just above the equator, water is...
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Changing sea levels: The global context and Philippine coastal vulnerability

30 April 2012
Davao City y su costa. Foto de: Pedro Walpole

Wendy Clavano, PhD (First of three parts) Sea levels are changing around the world and although natural variation is expected, there is an observed global rise on average.  This article, the first in a series of three, will attempt to provide information about the main causes of the change, why they differ with location,...
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