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Prayer, 22nd June, Rio+20

22 June 2012

ACT A. Context in preparation for the day: Promote integrated human development “In development programmes, the principle of the centrality of the human person, as the subject primarily responsible for development, must be preserved.  The principal concern must be to improve the actual living conditions of the people in a given region…  Development programmes,...
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Prayer, 21st June, Rio+20

21 June 2012

JUDGE A. Context in preparation for the day: The proposal for a green economy and its serious risks and challenges One of the basic premises underlying the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, is the concept of a “green economy.”  Most reflections, contributions, and areas of work of this international event revolve around...
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Prayer, 20th June 2012, Rio+20

20 June 2012

SEE A. Context in preparation for the day: the current situation . The world in which we live is not the paradise we would like it to be.  Most of today’s problems with the environment are man-made. 1. Continued pressure on natural resources 2. Increasing deterioration of the environment due to inappropriate agricultural practices...
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