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Global March in the People’s Summit: Something new is being born

22 June 2012

Gilberto Faggion and Lucas Luz On the afternoon of Wednesday 20th June, thousands of people gathered in the center of Rio de Janeiro for the Global March, organized by the “People’s Summit in Rio+20 for Social and Environmental Justice,” an event organized by global civil society.  Certainly, the Global March was not homogeneous, it...
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Hope, engine of change

20 June 2012

Luis Arancibia On April 9, 1992, exactly 20 years ago, the volcano Cerro Black, located in the region of Lechecuagos near the city of Leon in Nicaragua, erupted in a violent eruption of ash that covered more than 25,000 ha of poor small farmers, seriously damaged eight schools, contaminated wells and destroyed the few...
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