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Does nature have an owner? Social action and natural resources

31 January 2013
Foto de: Alboan

Alicia Alemán Arrastio In every society there is a deep interdependence between social life and the natural environment.  In fact, the matter of natural resources and, specifically, of how the ownership of those resources is determined and how its use is regulated, has been and is still an essential element for the construction of...
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Ethics and sustainability

14 August 2012
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José Ignacio García, SJ The concept of sustainability, though widely discussed and controversial, continues to draw huge attention.  Although it can be blamed for masking the possibility that things remains the same, or business as usual, it is undeniable that it has the ability to converge many interests and perspectives: political, economic and social....
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From a Christian perspective: What is sustainability?

14 June 2012

Markus Vogt The principle of sustainability was first developed in Europe within the economics of forestry.  Decades or even centuries are needed, until a forest has grown out to become workable timber.  Such time scales require a planning in long-term and intergenerational perspectives.  For this purpose, the German economist Hans-Carl von Carlowitz introduced the...
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Suyusama: Promoting regional sustainability through participatory development planning

18 August 2011
Policarpa, a Suyusama upland town in the north sub-region of Nariño, Colombia. Photo credits:

Suyusama is a Quechua word that means “lugar hermoso” or beautiful place. Quechua is the language of Indigenous Peoples in the central Andes in South America (Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina). Suyusama is also the name of the centre that runs the program and its various projects in Nariño, a department of Colombia...
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Sustainability: A principle of Christian ethics?

18 April 2011
River in South Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines.  Photo credit:Jose Andres Ignacio, ESSC

Markus Vogt The globalization of environmental and social questions cannot adequately be responded to by setting up individual standards; it also calls us to question the principles by which politics and economy are organized. The task is to develop normative guidelines for the regulation of social conflicts, and for the design of social structures...
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