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The community and ascetic dimensions of Christian ecological commitment

31 January 2017

Jaime Tatay Nieto, SJ Many continue to examine the motivating factors behind the promulgation of Laudato si’ (LS), the first “ecological” encyclical in the history of Church social teaching.  The subject of LS goes far beyond the Catholic community and concerns every person who believes in a God who can act out of love,...
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Latin America at a crossroads: Is sustainable and inclusive growth possible in the region?

25 June 2012

Mary Tere Guzmán Latin America faces great challenges for its development: the type of challenges that have been addressed at Rio+20.  The size and diversification of the region’s economy make it especially relevant at the world level.  The economic and environmental impacts of Latin American politics are potentially enormous. In the final stages of...
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Agreement’s draft: frustration or satisfaction?

21 June 2012

Jose Ignacio Garcia Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota opened yesterday the mid-day plenary, informing that he believed they were in a position to adopt the text to be formally presented at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) or Rio+20 for approval.  He observed that, while not ideal, the text represents...
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