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Indigenous Peoples’ International Declaration on Self-Determination and Sustainable Development

25 June 2012

Indigenous Peoples from all regions of the world met at the “Indigenous Peoples International Conference on Sustainable Development and Self Determination” from 17th to 19th June 2012 at the Museu da República in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We thank the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil for welcoming us to their homelands and express our solidarity...
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From Rio ’92: Sustainable Development to Eco-solidarity

22 June 2012

Leandro Sequeiros, SJ Twenty years ago, in 1992, amid the “pomp” of the celebrations of the Spanish “discovery” of America, I was fortunate to live in Brazil.  I arrived in Rio a month after the Rio Summit.  It was just memories.  But it caught my attention.  I was already going under an inner process...
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Leaders’ Forum on the Future Women Want: Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Development

21 June 2012

Leaders’ Forum on the Future Women Want:Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Development Michelle Bachelet Executive Director of UN Women and former Chilean President, today at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development Social exclusion of women is hurting us. We need to collect our whole learning capacity. We need a new, human-centered, development...
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We hope in people

21 June 2012
Inicio de la conferencia organizada por la UNDP, "Beyond GDP: Measuring the Future We Want"

Patxi Álvarez, SJ This Rio+20 Conference is an exhibition of countless groups coming from all over the world that aspire to bring a humane life while protecting the environment.  They demonstrate on the streets, they can be found near prime ministers at the official conference and they organize many public activities showing their local...
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Sustainable Development – What we are learning

21 June 2012

Frank Turner, SJ Ideas of development themselves develop.  We do not imagine today, as many people did in the so-called ‘development’ decade of the 1960s, that marginal economies will simply ‘take off’ once a critical leverage point is reached, in virtue of some natural tendency towards progress. That influential and naively optimistic theory was...
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Tackling displacement by natural disasters in sustainable development

20 June 2012
Foto de: Mundial estima 2011 por el Observatorio de Desplazamiento Interno, el Consejo Noruego para los Refugiados, junio 2012

Pedro Walpole “Over a million people have lost their lives since Rio ‘92 in disasters… 4.4 billion have been displaced, most internally…,” remarks Manuel Bessler of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid.  Asia’s highest displacement last year was in China due to monsoon flooding according to Elisabeth Rasmusson of the Norwegian Refugee Council, as she presented...
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Hope, engine of change

20 June 2012

Luis Arancibia On April 9, 1992, exactly 20 years ago, the volcano Cerro Black, located in the region of Lechecuagos near the city of Leon in Nicaragua, erupted in a violent eruption of ash that covered more than 25,000 ha of poor small farmers, seriously damaged eight schools, contaminated wells and destroyed the few...
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The future we want

19 June 2012

Jaime Tatay, SJ “We aspire to nothing less than a global movement for generational change.  I expect the negotiators (…) to achieve renewed political commitment for sustainable development,” recently said Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations.  But how easy will it be to reach political consensus and commitment for such...
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What does Rio+20 mean to me?

18 June 2012

Peter Henriot, SJ As I type this short note, I’m shivering in the “unseasonable” cold weather of early June here in Lilongwe, Malawi.  Winter isn’t supposed to come until July here!  And I’m recalling that the rains, so important for our maize crops, didn’t start as usual in late October last year, but only...
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Rio plus 20

31 May 2012

Johannes Müller, SJ From 20 to 22 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will host the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, 20 years after the Earth Summit (the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development or UNCED)  that took place in the same city.  What was achieved since then? The result is...
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