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Redesigning food systems in Chiapas, Mexico

15 May 2017

Emilio Travieso, SJ We need to reinvent our food systems.  The dominant model of industrialised agriculture and globalised capitalist markets has failed to solve the problem of hunger, despite producing more than enough food for the needs of the world’s population.  Meanwhile, it is harming the environment, creating inequality, and contributing to health problems....
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Bats’il Maya: An economic and ecological response by the Ts’eltal communities in Chiapas, México

31 May 2013

Oscar Rodríguez Rivera, SJ, interviewed by Lucia Cervilla Bats’il Maya is a micro-industry that began in September 1993 in Chilo, Chiapas in México as a response to the marginalization suffered by the Ts’eltal indigenous communities. Producers are organized into Ts’umbal Cooperative, which started its activities in 2002 and brought together 12 communities. One of...
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