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Community-based response to water scarcity in Kaknewadi village

14 April 2020

Kaknewadi is a village in Parner Taluka, Ahmednagar District, in Maharashtra State, India, surrounded by hills on all sides and with a water scarcity problem. The district of Maharashtra state comes under the rain-shadow region and hardly any ground water was available for use, a concern that the Social Centre Ahmednagar sought to respond....
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World Water Day 2019: Action for water in a world of increasing water crisis

15 March 2019

From the vast oceans and rivers around the world to the organs and cells in our bodies, water connects us all. Access to safe and drinkable water is a basic and universal human right. Though it is indispensable for life and our inherent dignity (Laudato Si’ 28-30), we continue to experience many challenges regarding...
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Water crisis in India

15 March 2019

  Brex Arevalo Ecojesuit shares the story of the millions of people in India who are challenged with extreme drought.  This article is based on a short documentary released in 2016, H2WOE: India’s Water Crisis: A Warning to the World, by the documentary channel RT Doc. The 25-minute documentary retains its relevance as millions...
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A culture of management: Securing access to safe drinking water in Timor Leste

10 January 2014
Discussions in the upper Kasait watershed and the need for community management

Eric N Bruno Water scarcity is a phenomenon in Timor Leste. Thus, communities face the challenge of optimizing the management of a scarce resource. Scarcity is evident in the lack of accessible clean water, with 45% of the rural population reportedly with no access to improved water source (Nixon, 2013). The World Health Organization/UNICEF...
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Paradox of abundance and scarcity of water in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

31 July 2013
Torres de agua de África, que ilustran la interconexión de sistemas de agua superficiales en la escala de las cuencas principales en el continente africano y su contribución a la necesidad de la gente para los recursos hídricos más allá de las fronteras políticas. Foto de: Africa Water Atlas, UNEP, 2010

Christian N Ndoki, SJ In Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the paradox of water abundance and scarcity is felt by this city of 10 million inhabitants along the Congo River. I was visiting a young friend whose leg was amputated after a serious accident. While I was trying...
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Water and ethics

15 March 2013
Desde la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos. Foto de: Water Spouts

Jose Ignacio Garcia, SJ At our last meeting of the Ignatian Advocacy Network on Ecology in November 2012, we decided to focus the next two or three years on the issue of water.  Of course, each centre involved and those who can join the network in the future will maintain their own priorities, but...
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The business of water is for all

15 March 2013
Foto de: Asian Water Development Outlook 2013, ADB & Asia-Pacific Water Forum

Mariel de Jesus and Pedro Walpole We live in a world that is increasingly concerned with issues of security.  These may be issues of national security, community, family or personal security.  Resource security is also a concern, especially since the world’s population is dependent on natural resources – land, forests, and water – the...
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