The Common Good Series: Conversations for a more connected world

The Common Good Series: Conversations for a more connected world

Ecojesuit launches The Common Good Series (TCGS), monthly interview episodes highlighting different actions happening in various institutions globally that are hoped to spark inspiration for ecological action and open opportunities for collaboration.

TGCS features conversations with individuals leading initiatives on any of Ecojesuit’s six lead actions to highlight the interconnectedness of people across borders and to promote global solidarity. Underlying all these is the concept of the common good that is at the heart of sustainable development and the integral ecology called for in Laudato Si’.

Ecojesuit believes that sharing stories of change and action from around the world is vital in fostering a sense of solidarity so as to not be overwhelmed by the interconnected global crises. Building a better normal that responds to people’s needs and does not exploit creation for profit requires action from individuals, communities, organizations, parishes, businesses, schools, universities, and research institutions alike. And with people, communities, and the world separated and physically isolated by the covid pandemic, online media take on an even more important role in connecting people and advocacies.

2020_09_15_N&E_Photo2For its first episode, TCGS hosts Brex Arevalo and Raiza Javier of the Ecojesuit Secretariat discuss the role of art in driving climate action with Kristin Kusanovich, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theater and Dance at Santa Clara University and founder of the tUrn Climate Weeks. Catch this episode on 21 September on Ecojesuit’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Everyone is invited to support TGCS by watching and sharing the episodes, and better yet, sharing stories that can be featured in future TGCS episodes. Send us a note at


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