The Planet is Our Home: A Colloquium for Jesuit schools on Reconciliation with Creation

2014_04_30_N&E_Photo1Christopher Gleeson, SJ and Jennie Hickey

Taking our cue from the decision in the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP) in 2010 to identify Reconciliation with Creation as a priority engagement, we wanted to give maximum exposure to the fact that care of the environment is an integral part of the Jesuit mission.

We recognize that this priority, while it is an uncomfortable pebble in the shoe for some, touches the core of our faith in and love for God, making it impossible for us to be disinterested spectators as the drive to access sources of energy and other natural resources increasingly damages the earth, air, water, and threatens the future of our planet.

And with this, a JCAP education colloquium for Jesuit and partner schools on Reconciling with Creation is being organized from 8 to 12 July 2014 at Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview in Sydney, Australia. Targeted as participants are senior executive leaders, chairs or members of boards and practitioners who work in the area of sustainability or are engaged in the education of sustainability, and principals and rectors across the Asia Pacific region.

Titled “The Planet is our Home,” the program is focused on three main areas: Reconciliation with Creation and Spirituality, Reconciliation with Creation Globally, and Reconciliation with Creation and Best Practice. Keynote speakers include Jose Mesa SJ, Fr Denis Edwards, Dr Patricia Fox RSM, Benny Juliawan SJ, Mr David Lukas, Ms Jacqui Remond, Pedro Walpole SJ, Ms Ann Austin, and Ms Maria Tiimon.

A variety of workshop presenters will provide both practical and theoretical inputs on the ways that Reconciliation with Creation can be enhanced in the local community.

“It is clear that we can only be credible in this work of reconciliation with creation, if, on our part, we ourselves show signs of greater consistency and more responsible commitment, both personal and institutional, to this aspect of our mission. This demands of us a change of heart that manifests our gratitude to God for the gift of creation and our readiness to embark on the path of conversion. Saint Ignatius invites us to contemplate creation and to see in it the Creator: dwelling in all creatures and labouring for us in each particular reality and in all of history.” (Letter from Fr Adolfo Nicolas, 16 September 2011)

For more information on the JCAP education colloquium, please visit The Planet is Our Home.

Chris Gleeson, SJ is the Provincial Delegate for Education and Mission Formation in the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus and also serves as the Secretary for Secondary Education in the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific. Ms Jennie Hickey is the Provincial Delegate for Social Ministries and Assistant Delegate for Education and can be reached through her email:

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