To be moved by the cries of our age and be led into action: Moving into the second phase of the UAPs

To be moved by the cries of our age and be led into action: Moving into the second phase of the UAPs

Ecojesuit shares the special video message of Father General Arturo Sosa SJ to mark the fifth year since the four Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) were given to the Society of Jesus as a mission from Pope Francis. These four UAPs are: showing the way to God, walking with the excluded, journeying with the youth, and caring for our common home.

“What is special about these UAPs and what distinguishes them from the preceding ones is that they colour the Society’s whole apostolic direction. They point out how we are to achieve and move forward the mission of reconciliation and justice,” said Father Sosa. “The previous UAPs highlighted areas that were in danger of being neglected or that we wanted to give particular attention to. The emphasis in 2019 was different.”

Father Sosa reminds Jesuits and partners in the mission that the second phase of the UAPs must have greater impact. The apostolic preferences need to “resonate deeply in the recesses of our hearts, where they go from being written words in a letter or message to being written in our hearts. Let us be moved by the cries of our age and let ourselves be led into action.”

It is five years since the Holy Father, Pope Francis, gave the Society of Jesus as a mission the four Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Here is a new vision.

Imagine our universities and social centers working together so that change happens and so that the life of the poor are impacted.

Imagine our retreat centers, our social centers, passionately collaborating so that our spirituality is integrated with our thirst for justice and reconciliation.

Imagine the poor and excluded talking to us, changing us, challenging us.

Imagine conversations in Jesuit communities where we sit with each other and discern together, listen to our differences, but being able to put them aside because we see the urgent need for change in the world.

Imagine the Society with a newborn passion to bring forward the kingdom of Jesus where the poor are honored, respected, lifted up, and where the arrogant and ego-driven see the need to change and to be humble and to repent.

In short, the second phase of the Universal Apostolic Preferences is calling us to work with Jesus as He carries His cross and as He longs to bring change.

A longer 23-minute video of Father General’s urgent call on the way forward after five years of the UAPs is available here.


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