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To tend the earth: 2nd Annual Climate Change Conference, Loyola University Chicago

31 January 2015

2015_01_31_P&P_Photo1The Institute of Environmental Sustainability of Loyola University Chicago is co-hosting the second annual Climate Change Conference from 19 to 21 March 2015 that intends to move beyond the sterile debate of whether global climate change exists to the theme of tending the earth.

To tend means to pay attention to, to act as the caretaker of, to serve – and the conference will unfold the implications of tending to the Earth through reflection of the ethical principles, policies, and actions needed to combat the crisis of global climate change. Such reflection by necessity will be interdisciplinary.

Three areas will receive special attention:

  • Justice and what normative framework should guide policymaking
  • Motivation and what influences human motivation to act with regards to climate change
  • Policy and what actions could result in significant policy and economic change.

The conference consists of two days of action-oriented programming to promote climate justice, motivation, and climate change action throughout the Midwest region and beyond.

For further information, please go to the conference website.

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