New SJES brochure

New SJES brochure

The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat (SJES) recently issued the SJES brochure in English, with the Spanish and French versions to soon follow.

The brochure illustrates briefly its beginnings in 1969 with Fr Pedro Arrupe as the Jesuit Socio-Economic Development Secretariat. SJES now assists Fr General in developing the apostolic mission of the Society in promoting justice and reconciliation with creation and establishing collaborations between apostolic sectors and the social apostolate.

SJES works with the Conferences and Provinces in the Society of Jesus and through the social and ecology offices in each Conference, as well as with the four Global Ignatian Advocacy Networks (GIANs) it coordinates: Ecojesuit, Justice in Mining, Migration, and Edujesuit.

SJES communicates through its regular publications, Headlines and Promotio Iustitiae, and its social media platforms in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and email


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