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Teaching poverty, teaching transparency in our business schools

15 August 2013
Impacto del “agribusiness” en un paisaje del Medio-oeste de EUA, Julio de 2013: acuíferos y lechos de ríos secos, los ríos ya no llegan al mar, degradación de la calidad de agua y los ecosistemas. Foto des: P Walpole

Pedro Walpole, SJ Poverty is a topic not often tackled in business schools.  The challenge today is in our willingness to really teach poverty in our schools of business, to teach how poverty is sustained in a neo-liberal economy, or when this economy has its ups and downs and the poor cannot cope or...
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Higher Education Institutions in Spain and Sustainability

11 November 2010
Higher Education Institutions in Spain and Sustainability

On October 15th a meeting was held at the Pontifical University of Comillas-Madrid by several members of UNIJES (Spanish Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education) under the theme of “Natural Resources and Sustainability”. This was a preliminary meeting in order to assess the possibilities to establish a permanent working group in the framework of UNIJES....
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