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GC36 and Laudato si’, reconciliation in the world

31 October 2016

Father Arturo Sosa, elected last 14 October as the 31st superior general of the Society of Jesus during the 36th General Congregation, is calling for a “reconciliation in the world” that means “we have to strive for reconciliation between human beings, reconciliation with God and reconciliation with the created world.”  Jesuit responses to a...
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Limits, limits, limits

31 March 2014
Limits, limits, limits

Pedro Walpole, SJ Limits, limits, limits in a world that is always growing; these are the challenges we face in having to balance our future and the future of others. The month of March is autumn for some, spring for others, and for billions more, it is the dry or wet season. Whatever the...
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The dream of an older Jesuit

15 December 2012

John Surette, SJ (NEN) “Your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions.” (Joel 3:1) I have been a member of our Society for fifty-five years and have just turned seventy-eight years of age.  On the occasion of my birthday I desire to share with you my dream for our...
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